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"Kelly Sedgwick has a beautiful gift of inspiring others to take action in order to make positive life changes. Those who are touched by her expert coaching and steadfast support, especially in crisis situations, are guided through the healing process to emerge stronger and wiser. Kelly's beautiful spirit and uplifting faith are true Treasures."

- Pat Smith, Founder and CEO of Treasure You

"Kelly has a natural gift for insight that makes her a very thought-provoking coach. She can help you peel back the layers to ask yourself the kinds of questions that will challenge you to move forward and make the necessary changes to do so. She has coached me and helped me understand critical insights at key moments in my life."

- Valorie Burton, founder, The CaPP Institute, best-selling author, Successful Women Speak Differently

“Kelly provides a new-fresh voice enabling you to formulate a strategy for execution! She walks you through the steps of turning your passion into reality with profound insight that awakens the desires inside of you while adding significance to circumstances of your past + your present to aid you in building your distinguished future.”

- Adelina N. Gentry
Former Professional Basketball Player, Player Development, Business Coach and Speaker

"I am pleased to recommend Kelly Sedgwick. Everyone will experience a bad day from time to time, some more than others. Regardless of your situation, it seems most people tend to band-aid the problem without realizing it, as opposed to fixing it. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu. Only you can take that first step for yourself. You’ll reach your destination much easier with a proper map to guide you there. Kelly is that map; she has a gift to listen, understand, and help guide you along your path, whatever that may be. Thank you, Kelly."

Jacob Galvan
SVP of Corporate Operations and Sales at Encartele