Meet Kelly

Dear One,

It is as easy as picking up your phone and calling an old faithful friend whose support and encouragement you trust! Only the results you get from tele coaching with me are superior to that of a friendship. Inner Wellness International is a supportive safe space for you to clearly discover your dreams and make them into a reality in no time!

We work on matters of the Spirit, soul and body, effecting relationships, personal purpose, professional pursuit, wealth management and the reconstruction of character. While outer goals are effectively accomplished, quality inward development takes place. Through uniquely coaching with me, liberating freedom is delivered and the impeccable standard of leadership excellence is raised and manifested within the core of my clients.

My work is with all people ready to make changes and reach their goals. I am excited for your future and expectant for your life, today. Call now, to schedule an appointment with me and we will begin the journey of a well lived life.

In all things, be well.

Kelly R. Sedgwick
Strategic Advisor & Life Coach