Inner Wellness Coaching

Inner Wellness International offers hourly sessions by phone, assisting individuals to successfully work through barriers by identifying, increasing, and sustaining the power to be and live well.

We offer a general, result producing format that is formulated to the client’s specific goals. Services are provided in weekly, one hour increments that can be purchased in 3 to 6 month options.

Spiritual Strategic Advising

Powerful questions and moments of insight are expected within any effective coaching process.

Inner Wellness International specializes in strategic spiritual advising, that involves powerful insights and significant breakthroughs. This component can either be slightly incorporated in the coaching process or profoundly featured, depending on the needs and desire of the client.


At times, our clients may require a circle of support that includes additional professional assistance. Inner Wellness International is extremely resourceful. When necessary, we provide professional referrals that work in conjunction with our coaching relationship.

We are dedicated to the progress of our clients. In very rare occurrences, we will refer our clients to another coach within our network of professionals, so that the best match is experienced.

Inner Wellness Speaks

Although individual sessions are our primary focus, invitations for our participation are welcome for the following:

  • Panels, Forums & Workshops
  • Interviews
  • Lectures
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Radio / Television Media Features & Events

Inner Wellness Interiors

We design serene and livable spaces for individuals, couples and families in regular, conventional living situations. We also specialize in creating uplifting environments, for those who are enduring difficult seasons, where healing is the focus.