Behavioral Health Expert • Advocate • Interventionist

I am Kelly Renée Sedgwick.

I speak. I write. I advocate.

As a behavioral health expert and interventionist, I resolve social conflicts, beginning with the individual. My expertise is with survivors of trauma and their experience with personal development, family relationships and social/cultural community challenges. Through education, intervention and other scientific techniques, I equip and empower my clients and audiences to utilize specific behavioral tools that are available to them.

My mission is to successfully reconcile people beyond their trauma triggers, to personal inner wellness and back into the communities they influence. As this mission is fulfilled, true value oriented goals are met and our communities flourish because we are genuinely united, at the core. I am passionate about connecting to people's stories and validating their voice in their most challenging spaces.

To reach the goal of true human connection, at times, I disturb perspectives in order to illuminate those concealed areas holding the greatest value to produce positive change. When people are ready to become greater than their pain and opinions, awareness comes and goals are inevitably met. As an active interventionist, I thrive in between extreme places of transition and transformation to encourage the evolution of self, the family and the community.

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